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So you’ve finally decided to create a cooking blog to share your unique cooking recipes or skills with the rest of the world; maybe the guys as Master Chef didn’t want you on their televised cooking show just yet, but you are a few dishes away from getting there. And in the meanwhile you have all the time in the world to practice. What better idea than to create a blog or even a special vblog with your cooking ideas – while trying to monetize it at the same time? Even if you’ve never opened WordPress before, your passion for cooking will help you easily get the hang of it and start to love it soon. Here are some tips to get you started.


Follow Your Passion


One of the first ideas you need to keep in mind when creating a blog no matter what niche you would be addressing is to create content that is so good you will have the power to become an authority in your chosen field. So if you are thinking about starting a cooking blog, make sure you take your time and browse through the sea of specialized cooking blogs, vlogs, and entire web sites that are currently dedicating their pages to preparing food in every corner of the world.


Get Ready To Take Many Pictures

Your blog will immediately draw more attention if you will constantly add photos of every step of the cooking process for every dish you will cook. If possible, create cooking videos –with you being the main chef. If you feel like you personally need more practice, try to have a guest star like a friend of yours or a relative who really knows how to cook and who could help you out.  You can look at some easy cooking videos on the videoculinary site to get some ideas on how should your videos look like and maybe even get some fresh ideas of some classic dished you could reinterpret in your own way from there.


Stay Interactive

It is best to leave the comments’ section enabled and constantly answer to readers’ questions, comments, or remarks. There will always be someone who will want to ask for some clarifications concerning your posts and being there to address all of their questions will help you turn them into loyal visitors who will start suggesting what new recipes you should cook next and so on.