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When it comes to looking for a job, there are certain things you wouldn’t bother doing because it doesn’t matter to you. However, to others, such things play a crucial role in determining who you are. For instance, do you know that cleaning up your Facebook profile increases your chances of getting hired? Well, it does, but unfortunately not many people take this into consideration.


You never know who is searching your information online.  It could be your next employer! So, be proactive about what they will find on your profile. So why will potential employers want to look for your information on Facebook even though you have already provided them with all the documents that identify you? Well, they want to figure out or rather prove if the information you presented is correct. And because of the increased popularity of search engines, they will find your information on the internet easily.

With that said, how can you achieve this? You need to add a presentable cover photo, hide or delete information that you don’t want to be seen, and highlight some of your best posts. Don’t take chances ensure that the information on Facebook shows who you are.