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In-case you missed  ‘Which universities will be thriving in 20 years time?‘ [posted on the Guardian Higher Education Network].

In a post-Browne review world, where the predicted debt of a student entering university in 2012 equates to a comfortable graduate salary, you wouldn’t be alone in assuming the UK’s universities will be able to maintain their survival and even flourish. Money isn’t everything (ironic given the current economic climate, we know).


Which universities will be thriving in 20 years time? - Mike Boxall

Universities are now in a much more customer-focussed market and have the daunting task of wooing the ever-demanding, “Now” Web 2.0 generation. As a result, universities and their faculty must reassess engagement at all levels –  e.g. adopting “learning 2.0” techniques in the lecture room.

An overhaul of the methods of teaching and the student tools available to aid study are a must – but just the beginning. Mike Boxall of PA Consulting Group weighs up the cost and benefits of the recent reforms in his piece for the Guardian Higher Education Network.