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6 things you need to get your first year of university off to a great start

Assuming you haven’t already hit the highstreet (or Amazon) in a big way, we’ve thought of a few things you might want to splash the cash on in preparation for your first year of study.

  1. Backpack for univeristy. High Spirit BackpackA durable backpack
    Not a lot to explain; text books are heavy, and gadgets are valuable. A quality backpack is a wise investment.A recent favourite of mine is the
    High Spirit Classic black backpack (pictured right). With only one external zip, placed on the back-facing part of the bag, this backpack is more secure than most and perfect for carrying around your precious electronics.
  2. Laptop/tablet with decent battery life
    A laptop for uni is a no-brainer, but battery life requirements are oft overlooked. Think about what you’ll need it to do on an average day – including outside of study time.
  3. Printer
    This is more for convenience than necessity. A printer will save you a few last minute trips to the library and help you avoid long queues around deadlines.
  4. A suitable email address
    It’s time to do away with that embarrassing email addresses. No “” or “” will ever be taken seriously at university. Whether you’re signing up to groups at the
    Freshers Fair, contacting members of your study group(s) or lecturers, your email address will make some impression. Keep it simple and “child friendly”.
  5. A calendar
    If you want to make sure your social life and  study schedule play nice together, you’ll need a calendar. Pencil in all the social events  you just can’t miss, networking sessions, nights out etc. alongside your study schedule.Choose a calendar format that suits you. I tend to opt for online calendars, like Google Calendar and Outlook, so I can access them on the go and update as and when I need. Large wall calendars are good too – make it bright and colourful so it’s one of the first things you look at when you get up in the mornings (or after a nap).
  6. NUS Extra discount card - buy now.NUS extra card
    OK, so what does £12 get you? Seemingly endless discounts! The card guarantees you discounts on travel; see 16-25 Railcard, food and drink and days/nights out. Brands covered by the NUS extra card include Apple Store, Asos, The Gym Group, The Economist, Mulberry and Ticketmaster.Buy your NUS extra card