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Budget. Menial living. Barely getting by. These are all the things we associate with student living and many of us think that we are the only ones suffering. If we ever care to think about it, perhaps our cousins across the Atlantic have it worse than us? The question is do we really have it that bad? Perhaps we do in comparison to those in Europe.

Jasper Rees of Intelligent Life magazine [online] writes of students in Germany and Italy working two to three jobs. These students like students here in the UK also have limits on the amount of hours they are allowed to work so many dabble in black labour market so to speak. Imagine risking a criminal record just to keep body and soul together in order to complete one’s degree.

The recurring question is higher education worth it and if so what are you willing to pay with? Mind body and spirit perhaps? As Rees quite aptly puts it, “If a modern education teaches students one thing, it’s that life at university is now indistinguishable from the university of life.”

You can read the article in full at More Intelligent Life: The Student with Three Jobs