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By Vlad Mackevic

This short article deals with interests. What to put in the CV? What is your employer interested in?

Well, here it is:

1. In the majority of cases, your employer does not care what books you’ve read and what music you like.

2. This means that your interests have to be professionally oriented.

3. For example – if you’re applying for a job in banking, then write that you are interested in economics. If your job is in a museum and your degree is not in history, then write you’re interested in history. Simple as that.

But don’t forget to provide examples that demonstrate your interests are genuine and not made-up! Lying at an interview is a BIG ‘no-no’! And making things up as you go along is hard work – it’s very easy to get lost, so best not to do it at all.

4. Do not include socialising into your list of interests.

5. …yes, even if it is the case!

6. Because in the employer’s language it means ‘drinking’.

Socialising. Professional... not.

7. Make it concrete and specific. Do not write ‘travelling’. Write ‘Backpacked in France and Spain for 4 months’. Keep the S.M.A.R.T. scheme in mind.

8. Sports (any, even chess,) are a great addition to your list of interests.

9. OK, you can include personal interests too. It does not have to be exclusively professional. You’re not a robot. But do not write ‘reading and travelling’ because everyone else writes it too. It’s boring and has become a cliché. ‘Cooking, gardening and scuba-diving’ sounds much more interesting.


At least, you will have something personal to talk about at the interview!

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