So you are the kind of person who permanently uses specialized cleaning services for his expensive clothes; and you also tend to travel a lot. Today we thought we should share a few safe traveling tips to help you make sure you will not be separated from your beloved items.

How Safe Are Your Clothes When Flying An Airplane?

If you are concerned about you belonging every time you get on a plane as you never know when you might get separated from your things, whether for a brief moment in time or permanently, here is what you should do.

  • Start by not being suspicious and paranoid for the entire trip. While official cases of TSA employees have been reported after they have been caught running robbery rings and even enabling illegal substance trading, and there are even known cases of security agents robbing travelers, it does not mean that it happens always, all the time and that it will also happen to you.

  • Trust the people around you and give them the benefit of a doubt, but at the same time do not turn into an easy prey. There are plenty of honest and hard-working people working in airports and on airplanes. But you will still need to take precaution measures to guard yourself against thieves and mal-intended people who might be traveling on the same plane with you.

  • The best thieves are the ones who know not to steal something that you will immediately notice missing. Let's say, expensive pieces of clothing you will only be unpacking and using when you will actually reach the hotel. Speaking of, when reaching your hotel room, it would not hurt to take a few extra security measures as well. Namely, verify the state of the locks on your room and see if there are any problems with them. If so, get in touch with the front desk personnel and report it.

  • They should be able to immediately get in touch with a local emergency locksmith like the ones found here and have the broken locks repaired on the spot.

Packing: Put The Your Important Stuff In One Place

Do that and do not lose track of it; use a clear plastic bag to place your IDs, wallet, cash, and jewelry and let everyone see your bag. This way, everyone will know what is in there, and they will not feel tempted to open it. This practice will also help you when going on the other side of the security machines inside the airport, as you will immediately notice if you have anything missing.

You can also state out loud the items you are handing over to the security person so that they are less likely to try to grab something when no one is watching. Also keep in mind you should have your ID and wallet on you at all times so in case your stuff gets stolen, you can easily replace your clothes and the rest of your belongings, and hence have a means of doing it.