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Some interview dress code rules for the ladies

Linea at House of FraserWhen it comes to finding the perfect outfit for an interview it’s all about making the right impression.

Naturally the ‘right’ impression will vary according to the position that you’re applying for, however there are a few rules about dressing for an interview that will apply universally.

1. Denim is an absolute no no

Whether they ride scooters around the offices, cartwheel in to the boardroom or wear tutus on a Friday, if you’re applying for a position with a company, you should never dress too casual.

Remember: first impressions count, and how you dress will say a lot about your personality – but it’s your personality in a business environment that matters the most.

2. A picture paints a thousand words

When choosing your outfit it wouldn’t hurt to ask yourself ‘‘what does this outfit say about me?”. Am I someone who is sharp and professional, someone who wants to make a good impression? Or, am I someone who is laid-back, unfazed and doesn’t want to make an effort at all? If it’s a job that you want, never choose the latter.

3. Don’t just dress to impress: dress for success

Sometimes interviews can be really intense. And whilst your research into a company (always research the company) may give you an impression of what to expect, you are still walking in to a new territory – and that can be totally daunting. But, like the interview itself, you can make sure you’re prepared. And, one of the ways to do so is in what you chose to wear.

A power suit for example can make any woman look like she oozes confidence. Whether you’re as mad as a hatter or as quiet as a mouse, if you look the part, you’re already half-way there.

Linea at House of FraserHow to always look the part

  1. Ensure what you’re wearing is appropriate and always wear neutral colours. You don’t want what you’re wearing to draw attention away from what it is that you’re saying.
  2. Tailored-pieces are your friends. If you can get a suit tailored then you’ll be in your element. However, tailored collections work just as well, so make sure that your skirt, suit and blazers fit well, but not tight – you’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable too.
  3. Keep your jewellery and makeup to a minimum. Your overall look should be three things: classy, polished and professional. Four layers of foundation, red lippy and eyeliner is not the way to achieve this. If you could go straight from your interview to a club – you’re definitely doing something wrong. A natural palette is perfect, as are simple studs or an elegant set of pearls. Remember accessories are a great way to add personality to formal attire, but ensure every accessory including your bag, jewellery and makeup is sophistical, neutral and minimal.
  4. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so wearing a blazer or a suit jacket with your outfit is an absolute must.
  5. You can’t go wrong with a knee-length, high-neck dress. Not only is it elegant, it can also look effortlessly chic and when paired with a suit jacket is an easy way to look professional and feminine without having to utter a word.
  6. If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, always ensure that you’re wearing a pair of ‘weather-appropriate’ tights. 100 denier tights in 40 degree weather screams ‘crazy’, but it’s also inappropriate to go bare-legged – so don’t risk it. Stick to a 10-15 denier and make sure that the colour is appropriate too – ie. neutral or black.
  7. If you decide to wear heels ensure that they’re closed-toe and no higher than 3 or 4 inches – classy and sturdy is always the way forward.
  8. Finally, ensure that you’re groomed from head to toe – always check a full-length mirror. Your hair should be three things: classy, neat and simple. And any piece of clothing on show should be ironed – and that goes for your blazer or jacket too.

For inspiration the Linea ‘suits and tailoring’ collection has an exceptional range of outfits perfect for interview attire. With gorgeous blouses, shirts, dresses and high-waisted pencil skirts, you’ll be sure to find something that will make you look like you mean business.

Remember what you wear to an interview is the first thing your interviewer will see. So it’s always good to think of the following words from Coco Chanel:

Coco Chanel - dress impeccably