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Is willpower enough to help you achieve?

Maybe. Is willpower enough to start the achievement process? Always.

I love this video where Eric Thomas (“ET The Hip Hop Preacher“) is talking to some of the most Hardcore UFC fighters about Willpower.

I’ve noticed, it’s at that point where I am about to quit – all night writing an essay, last rep at the gym, just before an impossible deadline for a client, that’s when willpower shows up. I’ve learned to exercise willpower but never thought about it in the way ET explains in the video.

ET says what if your final last few reps, that last ounce of energy you put out, is where  someone else is just starting?  The only thing that separates the two of you at that point is willpower.

Yes, I have heard the argument, you have to work smart not hard. I say with the way world is going, you have to work hard and smart. But a quote from Jadakiss comes to mind:

“Hard Work Will Always Beat Talent If Talent Doesn’t Work”

What are you trying to make happen? Don’t over think, identify what needs to be done by asking the million dollar question – then work like a dog to make it happen.