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Stay sharp and keep your bank account in the black with a healthy stock of classic white shirts

T.M.Lewin classic white shirtLooks aren’t everything, but they can help. Be it a pair of jeans, a favourite t-shirt or little black dress (LBD to those in the know), we’ve all got that one item/outfit in the wardrobe that makes us feel like we’re ready to hit the runway at the next London fashion week.

How you see yourself can have more of an impact on your confidence and performance than any exam result or interview feedback. Now, when preparing for interviews; that first day in the office or any other important meeting, it’s fair to say that your favourite t-shirt or LBD just won’t do – enter the white shirt.

Affordable, classic and pairs up nicely with everything; the white shirt is an essential for every wardrobe. With a decent surplus of white shirts in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready for any occasion: impromptu meetings, job interviews, and nights out… the list goes on. It’s the Swiss army knife of the fashion world!

The Lecture Room is not a fashion blog, however, so let’s clearly outline the benefits of the unassuming, plain white shirt in a context we’r comfortable with. White shirts are:

  1. affordable – no need to break the bank to look good for that next networking event. Everyone from Primark to House of Fraser sells white shirts; and TM Lewin discount promotions are regular occurence.
  2. interview ready – If you’re currently looking for work, having a white shirt in reserve is always a must. Having dealt with my fair share of recruiters, there’s always the chance that you will get a phone call at 9.30am with details of an interview at 12pm.
  3. ready for business and pleasure – A white shirt DOES go with anything (feel free to challenge me on this), so if you’re someone who finds themselves regularly having to rush home to change for the next thing in the diary it’s the way to go. Remove the tie; roll up the cuffs, voila! – new outfit.
  4.  your best friend when stuck for an outfit in the morning – No need to worry about “which tie?!” – they all go with a white shirt! Same goes for trying to find a shirt to match your favourite suit. Spring for the easy iron to save those extra minutes too 🙂

I recommend, at a minimum, you have at least 2 white shirts ready to go – I picked up four new ones this week (don’t judge me).