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In 20 Guaranteed Ways to Ace Your Interview: Part 1 Nathan raised the importance of knowing and understanding what the company you’re interviewing with is all about. In doing so, he gave particular reference to Google as a port of call when seeking the necessary information. While Google is great when you only have a small window of research time, I’ve grown tired of having to sift through several search engine result pages to find what I want, because some sneaky social marketer has figured out a way to get their irrelevant content bundled in with the top search results. In the age of “Now”, getting accurate and current information fast has never been more important – particularly when you’re looking for a job (If you haven’t fallen victim to an out of date ad for your “perfect job” yet, you soon will).

TARGETjobs To the Rescue!

Welcome to the stage Employer Insights. TARGETjobs’ latest onsite tool for career research is amazing! – for the simple fact that it gets straight to the point, no Google promoted content. Just all your basic questions answered. We tried it out early last week (just to make sure it was as great as the good folks at TARGETjobs told us it was) and we didn’t come away disappointed 🙂 We’ve posted some screen shots below to give you an idea of what type of information is available to you and how it can help you find the right graduate jobs to apply for.

Key Features

  • All employer reviews independently written by GTI Media experts – offering information not available on employer websites!
  • “Follow” employers for updates and latest work experience and graduate opportunities
  • Unique discussion boards for posting and answering questions about particular graduate employers
  • Covers wide range of employer industries – from Property to Armed Forces
  • Featured top graduate employers include: Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, UBS, Rothschild, Unilever, Bloomberg, MI5, IBM and Microsoft

About The Organisation: offers overview of business areas, key objectives and culture

“Having used this tool it not only helped with my research on some potential employers but it definitely saved me time and made it easier for me to decide earlier on, on whether or not I actually wanted to work for certain employers and whether I may be a good fit, rather than wait till the interview. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.” – Jackie Balchin 2011

TARGETjobs- employer-insights-unilever

Salary and Benefits: answering those questions that you might be too timid to ask at the interview stages

“It is a great tool for students and graduates to use to really find out the nitty gritty of what it is really like to work for some of the UK’s top employers.” – TARGETjobs 2011


How to get hired: details qualifications, education and experience required to fulfil the application process

Whether you’re looking for full-time graduate employment or seeking work experience, Employer Insights is a great, free online tool for getting the inside scoop on your prospective employer. It saves time and allows you to better understand what companies are expecting, what they’re offering and how you need to approach securing a position. Employer Insights is a perfect example of quality over quantity – all the information is relevant, easily digestible and the permanent tabs in the title header make it easy to navigate. I would, however, suggest they look in to adding ‘share’ buttons to the pages – maybe that’s just me being lazy 😀 Click here to visit Employer Insights.

For more on the latest employer news, graduate jobs, and helpful career advice, you can also join TARGETjobs on Twitter @targetjobsuk and Facebook