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The thought of a postgraduate student finding time for a hobby or two is a pretty daring idea to begin with. With so many exams and projects to focus on, and most likely a part-time job sucking up all your free time, the last thing you can think about is getting a hobby yo;re way past the age of finding something enjoyable to do every time you feel bored, no? Well, you might be wring on this one! The truth is you could in fact find a way of blending in your hobby with your hot pursuit of a promising career in your chosen field. How's so? Hiring managers pay close attention to the type of volunteer work or side activities enlisted as hobbies in your resume when interviewing, as they give them a clearer perspective on your true potential. So let's recap…

How Can Having A Hobby Help You Land A (Better) Job?

Because it shows the people interested in eventually hiring you the kind of skills you possess. “But wait, isn't that what my resume is supposed to do?” Not unless we are talking about skills and special abilities that cannot be observed by simply reading a list of university classes you took last semester. Let us assume you enjoy to play online Bejeweled 2 here. While you might not find a lot of sense into mentioning this on your resume, let us assume you are applying for a job that requires a lot of repetition of simple tasks that need to be performed perfectly. Showing proof of an expanded attention span and ability to do repetitive work at a fast pace – like the spinning of the reels when playing slots games online – will smooth your path of getting the job.

Keep in mind competition is high and often times dirty on the job market and the more advantages you have in front of your direct opponents, the better off you will be. List your slots playing or casino gambling hobbies when writing down your resume and your piece of paper might just stand out from the crowd. While the skills a hobby like playing Bejeweled online might not directly help you land a job, they might help you tell the employers more about your personality and interests – having a years old hobby is proof of perseverance and loyalty. And these are most definitely skills sought after by head hunters.

Learn A Foreign Language

Yet another hobby that is prone to come in extremely handy for obvious reasons. Globalization makes your foreign language courses quite useful when in need to travel for work. Your employers will also gain the sense that you yearn to learn new things and are fully open to the different cultures around you.


This will not only help you feel better about yourself while throwing a hand to the less needy, but volunteering to work for the local soup kitchen will also help you accumulate new management and people handling skills with obvious advantages for your future career.