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90s game with an incredibly 80s name

Snake My Day, for iOS available to download now.Need something a little more discreet than Angry Birds to play in those rare moments of quietness? Bring on Snake My Day.

Created by two Designer/Developer brothers, Snake My Day is probably the best revamp of the 1997 game that I’ve played. They haven’t tried to do too much thankfully – no 3D pythons in sight. Colour and design remind me more of Pac Man than anything else, which is probably why I like it so much – they’ve gone retro on retro!

Snake My Day for iOSFor 80s babies, like myself, no introduction is needed for Snake. But for the fresh-faced among you, this is Snake – a la Nokia 5110 (1998). Snake My Day is Snake on [insert latest party drug here].

Available for download
Snake My Day is now available to download for free – with NO adds!  Get it now before they change their minds
Download Snake My Day for iOS

iTunes description: “Snake My Day is an action packed, arcade style, classic snake game. Boasting over 40 levels, 3 worlds, classic and vs computer mode. Why not celebrate the year of the snake by adding this arcade classic to your collection now.”
**5 star rated (at time of publishing).**