Sir Alex Ferguson retires at the top of his game

Sir Alex Ferguson retires as manager of manchester united football club

Possibly one of the greatest managers of all time; beyond the Premiere league; beyond football, announced his retirement today.

Not many managers have been lucky enough to leave a company on such great terms – especially in the premiership, so what is Sir Alex’s secret?

I think this quote from his official statement goes some way to explaining it:

“It was important to me to leave an organisation in the strongest possible shape and I believe I have done so.” – Sir Alex Ferguson, 2013

He never once believed he was bigger than the club – and he instilled this in every player on the team. Whatever Sir Alex did, he viewed it as being in the long-term best interests of Manchester United.

Whatever his reasons for leaving, we guarantee Sir Alex will be missed as a leader, a role model, a benchmark for greatness (no matter what your industry). If Scotland’s pending departure from the UK results in the Sterling currency split, his face will be on money by Christmas 2014.