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Are you qualified for your dream job?

dream-job-this-wayContrary to popular belief, figuring out what you want to do with your life (as far as career prospects) is the easy bit. The next step is establishing how qualified you are to do what it is you want to do – and I’m not talking just certificates and exam results. Being qualified also means having “experience”.

Instead of just thinking about the job you want now, think about the job you want three years from now.

Giving yourself a three year headstart can only mean you are better prepared when the opportunity arises. Job descriptions are, generally, easy to access (any decent jobs board/site) and give you a basic idea of what hiring managers will be looking for.

Use job descriptions to identify the following:

  1. What are the must haves?
    What skills must you have to be considered for shortlisting, e.g. “Able to edit and retouch images using Adobe Photoshop”; and what level of experience is required, e.g. “Must have 2 years experience of working in an agency design team.
  2. The desirablesThe things listed under this section of the job description are what will help you stand out from the crowd. These can be anything the hiring manager deems relevant to the role, e.g. “Successfully delivered a project valued at or above £100,000”; “Able to use web analytics tools as part of planning for marketing campaigns”.

  3. How do you measure up?Now you know what’s expected of you, match up the criteria to your current skills and experiences. Where there are gaps is where you will need to focus.If you haven’t been able to identify any gaps when comparing, great. Now get started on the list of “desirables”!

NOTE: These three steps will also help you to figure out what job you should be doing now.