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With more tech and greater access to information, learning is now a two way street

Old dog new tricks. Reverse mentoring, The Lecture Room

Mentoring has come full circle! You can now find yourself in a position to pass on much needed skills and knowledge to someone who, on paper, has a lot more working experience than yourself.

In its simplest form, reverse mentoring is a seemingly less experienced younger person sharing knowledge with a senior colleague.

You’re more valuable than you might realise

Social media, for example, is still alien to a lot of senior level employees and managers (and directors and executive boards – all the old people basically). Whether they like it or not, social media is a big part of any business activity in 2013, and they need help from you to make it work to their advantage.

Reverse mentoring is a perfect solution to this; you get to increase your influence in the workplace and be seen as a valued employee, and managers are in a position to better utilise new technologies and best practices.

The concept is a great reminder that we know a lot more than we actually realise, and that our day-to-day activities are actually marketable to the right audience.

An article on the Guardian Careers website provides some tips on how to go about becoming a reverse mentor – well worth a look.

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