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If there are jobs to be done, why are so many still unemployed?

Why you are unemployed. Current state of US jobs market. The Lecture RoomIf you’re unemployed it’s not because there isn’t any work“.

So what is the reason you haven’t secured that dream job yet? The poster offers a, somewhat, anti-capitalist explanation – which can be argued to be true.

However, how do you explain the fact that people ar still being employed? This statement offers no solution to the “problem” – so it holds no weight with me.

Wouldn’t a simpler explanation be that some jobs markets are oversubscribed, while there is a lack of skill available¬†for others?

Statements like the one in the poster can have both positive and negative impacts on a person’s job search efforts. They can either be used by the less-motivated to explain away their run of disappointment, or used by the extremely driven to figure out a road map to success, being careful to avoid any obstacles identified.