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By Nathan Ghann

Getting the best degree possible isn’t about being smart and getting the best job around isn’t just about how talented you are I have found it is only about two things:

    1. How hard you are willing to work?
    2. What you demand that work to deliver for you

I call this the Mike Tyson mindset simply because I was watching this video of Larry King interviewing Mike Tyson and Larry asked: “Do you ever think what if you lose?” (@1.50min). Mike’s reply: “I don’t even allow that thought to rise to my conciousness.”

This week make the decision that you are going to work hard and deliver more results.

  • Decide you are going to find more references and deliver more citations
  • Decide that you are going to read over more lecture notes and deliver more questions to your lecturer
  • Decide that you are going to search for more jobs/work experience opportunities and deliver more emails, calls and LinkedIn requests

Don’t worry about your technique, don’t worry if you’re doing it right – just make sure you are doing it! Because ‘hard work will always beat talent if talent don’t work hard’.

Get to work this week. No one will do it for you.