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There is a large diversity of bike locks, each varying in shape and size or features and brand names. In case you are not sure whether your bicycle needs a code lock or a padlock, and you are confused about the price range you should expect to pay for bike lock services, these next few bike locksmith advice should come in handy.  


Has Your Bike’s Lock Been Tampered With?

Not few are the cases when thieves will try to change your bike’s lock with another one of their choice so they can come back in the middle of the night and steal it. Bike locks are known to have weak points and this is why it is highly recommended to not leave your bike in the street during the night or in places you are not familiar with. If you have a passion for luxury bikes or you own a new bike that has cost you a lot of money, you are more likely to attract the attention of thieves. Another security measure you could take refers to having the lock changed with a safer one or using two locks – one for the front wheel and one for the back wheel. This way, you will harden the work of potential thieves interested in your nice set of wheels. In case you notice your bike’s lock has been changed over the night, you can report it to the police, get a reference report and get in touch with a locksmith company to help you have your lock changed. Similar action can be taken if confronted with a car keys locksmith situation such as broken ignition as a result of a car theft attempt.


When To Call A Locksmith?


Car lockouts and car keys that get stuck into the ignition are other situations that call for the help of a professional locksmith how specializes in auto locksmith services. Locksmith Key is a professional locksmith company that focuses on car key duplicate, ignition repair, ignition change or repair, as well as new lock installation, and similar commercial and home services. With 90-day guarantees for all of their services and a fully bonded and insured team of experienced locksmiths, this company has nationwide coverage and offers free estimates. Hence, it makes for a good choice when in need for a fast locksmith to handle your locksmith problems – whether bike or car related. Keep in mind that large U-lock shaped bolts have to be cut using a metal grinder; if you own such a lock on your bike and you are not you can use such power tools, let an expert help you.