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The end of the summer is rapidly approaching and even though I am not much of a heat or hot season person, I have to admit that the coming of the autumn and the cold season altogether does frighten me a little bit. I know I am going to have to dig out my cleaning gloves and start sweeping the entire place top to bottom again. I know I am going to have to worry about my garden and see how I can protect it the best way possible. I also know that seeing all the leaves fall out of the trees is going to make me feel all gloomy once more. And while at times I appreciate the melancholic state autumn bring to my soul, I have to say that this year I would like for the summer to last just a little while longer. I would like to have the chance to go swimming again and really make the most of it. I would like to eat more ice cream in the sun without having to worry I am going to catch a cold, and I would like to walk my neighbors’ dog into the park whenever he is not home. I would also like to spend some more time out on my sunny porch, playing my favorite poker games online on my laptop.   


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