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We must all admit that the world we live in today is a bit dangerous. High blood glucose levels or cardiovascular diseases are very common these days because of the technological advancements and the endless possibilities to handle things effortlessly. Whether you work online, spend endless hours playing poker in online casinos or drive around town in your car all day long, such health problems are imminent risks. The solution is to take the time to exercise for a change rather than spend additional hours playing casino games online or doing any of those unhealthy things.

Statistics on exercising and fitness

We are told to exercise for at least half an hour daily every single day, yet only one third of Americans, for instance, follow the doctors’ advice, while a quarter of them do not do any physical activity at all. They are probably the most loyal customers of online casinos or the most experienced drivers. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism published a study conducted back in 2003 which revealed that a sedentary lifestyle is the number one cause behind diabetes or obesity. Other similar studies conducted by medical experts have revealed that the victims of inactivity are just as many as those of smoking by comparison. Back in 2008, for instance, 5.3 million people died because of diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer and, last but not least, heart problems resulted from a sedentary lifestyle. This only proves once again that this is a serious problem modern society is having. I-Min Lee of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital calculated the so-called population attributable fraction (PAF), which measures the risks of inactivity resulting into these health problems and more. Therefore, it also hints at the number of deaths that could be prevented if people just reduced the time they spent in front of their computers, whether working, playing casino games or the like, in their office or in their car and chose to do some exercising as well in their free time.  

Getting started on exercising

However, shifts from inactivity to intense exercising can be dangerous, so making an appointment with a doctor is the first step you should take. You may be asked to take an effort test in advance to see whether your body can handle such major lifestyle changes. You must admit that shifting from sitting on the couch watching TV or sitting in front of the computer playing casino games to jogging around the block for half an hour every day is a major change in your lifestyle. You may present a health condition that only allows you to do certain types of exercises. Your heart, for instance, may be used to the excitement and adrenaline that comes with winning in online casinos, but that does not mean it can handle physical effort too. In this case, you would not be allowed to lift weights, jog or do aerobics, just as you would not be allowed to take too long walks if you suffered from peripheral neuropathy.
You can contact an exercise physiologist who can put together a fitness plan for you, but the doctor is more likely to be able to refer you to a good one. If this sounds overwhelming, just remember that you do not have to make major changes all of a sudden. You do not have to take the bus instead of the car. You do not have to give up watching movies. You do not have to give up on your passion for casino games or whatever. In fact, we will prove it by suggesting you to click here for a new casino experience. You just have to find the time to just walk around the block or the ambition to take the stairs instead of the lift, for starters. In the end, it is all about taking the initiative.