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4 simple steps to constantly push your career development

Keep Running 2.0: career developmentReading the latest on a friend’s blog last week, a post giving runners tips on staying motivated while training caught my eye. I have no intentions of taking up running for pleasure, but I took away the principles all the same:

  • Fit in your training when you can
  • Find a way to motivate yourself
  • Make your runs enjoyable
  • Make running ME time

These are easily adaptable to skills building and honing your craft; freelancers pay attention.

Fit in your training when you can
If you’re serious about progressing in your current role (or moving on to something better), make time to develop the necessary skills. You have more free time than you think – how many times have you logged in and out of your Facebook account today?

Find a way to motivate yourself
Constantly remind yourself why you’re doing what your doing. What’s your end goal? Think longterm and short-term; to make the tasks ahead seem more manageable.

Make your runs work enjoyable
You’re not at school anymore, homework isn’t all text books and calculators. I’ve been brushing up on my Photoshop and Dreamweaver skills the last few weeks. Rather than just watching YouTube videos and reading tutorials, I’ve taken to creating my own mini-projects -mainly memes but still!

Make running learning and development your ME time
I love to read, so my downtime includes reading articles and posts about the latest developments in my field of work. Have a think about how you incorporate learning and development into your spare time.

You can read the original post at Vita.Vida.Vie – thanks for the inspiration, Carli!