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We all know technology has advanced greatly over the past years, but many people are still unaware of the crossovers between the technological domain and other domains in terms of use. This is not about the gambling industry, for instance, intersecting with technology in the form of online casinos or people playing online roulette on their mobile phones. It is rather about devices that have been developed so as to assist people in their activities. For instance, the MP3 player has become a regular companion during jogging sessions, almost as popular as branded running shoes. But is the use of such devices recommended during activities like jogging or not?


Theories on MP3 players and jogging 

Some theories are very easy to test. For instance, it has been proved on countless occasions that gambling is bad, whether in offline or online casinos. However, things are a bit less clear when it comes to listening to music while jogging and its effect on its practitioners. There are no risks of developing addictions like with online roulette, poker or other casino games and so on. It is all a question of health and safety. The University of North Carolina is one of the scientific institutions that have done some testing. They proved that listening to music while jogging is beneficial in the case of untrained athletes, motivating them and improving their performance.  However, it is not in the case of trained athletes, who cannot concentrate properly with music playing in the background. Another institution where such tests have been carried out is the Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany. The theory they developed was a little more specific, claiming that the athletes’ performance depended on the selected music and the route rather than just the presence or absence of music. 


MP3 player technology in progress

Since listening to music while jogging has become as popular as playing a few online roulette games or poker games before going to bed at night, new technologies are being developed in terms of MP3 players. According to specialists, the main problem with this combination is that athletes, whether trained or untrained, tend to forget about controlling their breathing so as to improve their endurance and follow the music instead, which can be dangerous. To this extent, it is much like gambling where players tend to forget all about financial safety or strategies at some point and give in to the adrenaline and excitement of offline or online casinos. Some companies are trying to eliminate this risk by designing an MP3 player that matches the music pace over the jogging pace so that athletes remain in control of their breathing at all times. A similar initiative proposes the development of an MP3 player that only slows down the music pace if an athlete’s heartbeat is too fast so as to determine them to slow down their jogging pace as well.

However, there is yet no technology that can prevent the athletes from getting distracted or from missing sounds or signals the music they listen to while jogging covers. This is yet another reason why this combination between jogging and music is blamed by some. However, the controversy is bound to last for years to come, so in the end, it is all a matter of preference. Every person is free to choose whether they feel more comfortable listening to music while jogging or not, just like they are free to choose to play online roulette, poker or other casino games or not, if you like.