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By Amy Sillince

Deciding what to wear when you need to impress is always stressful, and those nerves can feel so much worse when it’s a prospective employer that you’re dressing for. If you’ve never been for an interview before it can be impossible to know where to with start choosing an outfit – especially when all Google comes up with is a bunch of ugly suits (no really, try it!). So, we’ve gone all Gok Wan on you with our top tips for looking good.

The golden rule when thinking about what to wear to an interview is to remember to dress appropriately for the job you’re applying for. Try to do some research into the types of people that already work there, and the area and environment that you’ll be working in. This should give you some clues as to what everyone else might be wearing.

“You can tell everything about a man from his shoes” – Amy Sillince (2011)

If you know you’re going into a serious office environment then a suit is probably going to be your winning choice. But what if you’re interviewing at somewhere like an advertising agency, a hospital or a museum? Loads of workplaces won’t necessarily have a strict dress code – so this is when your detective skills can come in handy. Have a look on their website for any videos or images of people at work, or if you’re applying for a job related to your course, then ask a tutor as they should know your industry.

The second point to consider is all about getting the right balance. You do of course want to look like you’ve made an effort, but trying too hard can be just as fatal as not trying hard enough. This is a point the girls in particular should consider, as it’s all too easy for ladies to turn up the style and end up looking more like The Only Way Is Essex, than The Apprentice. Consider the below a checklist to keep you… well, in check:


  • Tone down the makeup – get your mum’s honest opinion, and consider the above TOWIE point.
  • Leave the skyscraper heels at home – skating like Bambi in the marble reception is never going to make you appear ‘responsible and organised’ – like it says on your CV.
  • Put a ban on cleavage – just no.


  • If you’re wearing a suit make sure it matches! – unless you’re going for the ‘my old school trousers and dad’s jacket’ look.
  • Whatever the style, have clean shoes – As the saying goes, “you can tell everything about a man from his shoes” (true fact).
  • Try to avoid stubble, and get a haircut a couple of days before if you can – don’t argue, you know your mother would tell you the same.

The last thing to remember is to dress comfortably. By all means buy something new to wear, but if you’re happiest in your favourite shirt that you know always looks great, you’re going to look infinitely more relaxed and confident when you walk in to wow the boss!