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By Vlad Mackevic

So, you teamed up with some of your friends and decided to establish a study group. Well done! Studying and revising in a group is wonderful – click here to find out why!

However, as soon as you establish your group, problems occur: someone has a football training, someone else needs to go to the doctor, someone has a society meeting and two others got hot dates for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Plus, some group members might have different timetables and you are together for only one subject.


So, how do you manage your study group?

It is an important question. The skills that you develop doing that are vital for both your life and your career.


1. At the first meeting, ask everyone about their timtables. Draw a blank table with all the ays of the week and all the hours in the day and fill in when everyone is busy.


2. Find the slots that are free and ask everyone to write them down in their diaries.


3. Set up meetings in those slots.


4. If you set up more than two meetings per week, separate them. For example, we meet on Monday to read the material together and on Wednesday to present to each other what we have read. On Friday we meet to quickly repeat the old material and to read/present more.


5. Allocate some time for individual study/reading/preparation


6. Agree that everyone comes prepared.


7. Split the topics between the members – thus you can exchange notes and would have less pressure than if you studied on your own.


8. Establish a secret Facebook group for your members, where you can post updates/ideas/meeting times.


9. Don’t forget to have fun! Celebrate your preparation and go out together – just make sure that you don’t spend more time on celebration than on the actual work!


10. When you’ve learnt to manage your study group, you can put “team management skills” on your CV.

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