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“The average employer takes around 30 seconds to scan a CV and make a judgement” – Mildred Talabi.


"no employer has time to go through each CV in detail"

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Writing for the Guardian’s The Careers Blog, Mildred Talabi (author, consultant and trainer) begins:  “Things have changed dramatically in the job market over the past five years. Seven years ago, I got my first ‘real’ job within two months of graduating from university; nowadays, it can take several months and maybe even years for some graduates. The competition is undeniably a lot tougher”.

Something you’ve all probably realised by now but something very few of you have adapted to. Just like the giraffe evolved to reach the taller leaves (according to Darwin), graduates in 2011/2012 must be prepared to stretch that bit further if they’re to survive and prosper in today’s fiercely competitive employment market. You’re no longer competing against hundreds of students but thousands of “suitable candidates”. What are you going to do to stand out from the crowd?

“A small business owner recently shared with me his complete shock at receiving 400 applications for one secretarial position they had advertised.” – Mildred Talabi

Knowing you’re competing against upwards of 300 other applicants for your first job [post-graduation] is a scary reality to face but one you should get used to, fast. How to grab an employer’s attention in 30 seconds is a great resource if you’re stuck for ideas on revamping your CV. Mildred breaks down her approach to constructing a “winning CV” in to three easy to understand components: the look, lingo and length of your CV. Covering everything from your choice of typeface (Get the look right) to the length of your personal statement, there is plenty of useful info to take away.


Mildred's insights on CV content

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