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Are you aware of the large number of scam locksmith companies and con-artists pretending to be authorized locksmiths, charging people exorbitant rates and doing a poor job at fixing or changing locks? The issue is not an isolated one unfortunately, and people all over the world are confronting with it. If you do not want to be the next one to fall victim to such an individual, here are a few useful tips on how to find reliable and affordable lock repairmen.

Keep Up With The Latest Home Security Trends

Go online or buy specialized locksmithing magazines and find out which are the most effective modern-day security systems; home alarms, surveillance systems, sensor or sound alarms, the latest deadbolt locks or smart security systems controlled by phones, tablets, or computers are just a few of the options you could look into. You can also visit a few locksmithing sites of professional companies and find out what services they can provide you with. Take a look at their flat rates for lock rekey, lock picking, lock installation, duplicate key making and the rest of services you can find here This Arizona company is one of the most popular in the area and it caters to the needs of customers in need of residential, commercial, as well as automotive services, including transponder key reprogramming and emergency lockouts 24/7/365.

Once you know exactly what you would like to purchase and have installed for your enhanced security needs, go ahead and look for a reliable locksmith to help you out with everything.

Ask For References And Compare Rates

There are some huge discrepancies on the market in matters of flat rates for emergency lockout services, lock repair or lock installation services. While there are normal pricing differences ranging from one state to another, but also differences within the same state, from one region/town to another. A local locksmith in a small town might have smaller flat rates compared to a locksmith in a large city or metropolis where the demand is much higher. However, competition is harsh and there are companies – especially new ones – that would rather attract prospects or customers and retain existing ones though small, attractive rates. Some of these companies are able to deliver what they promise at the pre-established prices, while others will only try to draw customers into the trap of a low quote and overcharge them a few times the original price. To avoid such situations, ask for photo IDs and also for licensing proof with photo ID and pay attention to the markings of the van or vehicle the locksmiths will arrive in. If you do not see any company name, logo, phone number, or other similar inscriptions, consider it a red flag and proceed to play detective.

Look For Locksmiths That Offer Discounts

Some companies will also offer usually 10% or 15% discounts for new customers who have never used their service before, or for new home owners who have recently purchased a property and wish to have the locks rekeyed or replaced with new ones.

You can also search for locksmiths that offer discounts when they are contacted online via forms that can be filled in or mobile apps downloaded and installed on smart devices. At the word ”discount” to your search terms on your favorite search engine and you might get lucky.