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When it comes to things to do in a lifetime, the list is endless. The only challenge is to figure out the order in which they should be done. This is what the so-called bucket lists are for. They turn the things you have thought of doing in your lifetime in goals. Therefore, anything can go on a bucket list, from spending a night in a casino to outliving the Queen of England. Everybody should have a bucket list. Celebrities have bucket lists, so you should have one too. Here are a few things on the origin of bucket lists and how to make a bucket list to drive you through life.

The concept of “bucket list”

You must be familiar with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, but how familiar are you with their movie “The Bucket List”? In this movie, the two acting titans set off on a road trip together with their milestones being the things they would like to do before “kicking the bucket”. As it transpires from the plot, these lists have a motivational purpose. They encourage you to live your life to the fullest and experience those things you deem enjoyable, whether as simple as a roulette game or as complex as a trip to Madagascar. They offer you a vision and help you identify your dreams, whether achievable or not. You can even wish to rob a casino in your lifetime if you like.

People usually give up on their dreams or to-do lists because of a number of factors like fear, among many others. Procrastination, for instance, is a big problem in this equation. Some people are just too lazy to get on their feet and do something. That is probably why so many people waste so much of their lives in front of the computer playing PC games or casino games like roulette or poker. The cure for this problem is stimulus. Then, there is the feeling of fear, which leads to stress and therefore to withdrawal. For instance, you might want to spend a night in a casino, but your fear of losing tons of money may overwhelm you. Learning to overcome this fear is the secret to living a happy life because it allows you to take action and therefore successfully achieve your goals.

How to make a bucket list

Making a bucket list is not that difficult provided that you know what exactly it is that you take pleasure in. This is the biggest challenge. Then, it all comes down to making a list of priorities. However, just like you have casino websites to help you find the courage to join real casinos, you also have websites that help you write down your bucket list. Moreover, they give you access to other people’s wish lists in case you lack inspiration. Bucketlist is probably the best-known one thanks to its domain name, but you also have choices like 43Things, which forces you to prioritize the most important forty-three things you would like to do in your lifetime. If you think thirty goals will do, Reaper is a good website to visit for support. However, if you are aware of a lot of things you take pleasure in, you can take a look around Day Zero, for instance, because this website encourages you to choose your top one hundred one goals and accomplish them in one thousand one days. In other words, if you opt for this website to help you make your bucket list, chances are you will actually find yourself playing a real roulette game in a real gambling hall sooner than expected. Now all you need is to find the courage to do this and all the other things on the list, which should not be too difficult now. However, you always have options if you are still having trouble overcoming your fear. With the casino thing, for instance, you can try playing on websites like first until you feel confident enough in your skills. This should build your courage. The same kinds of opportunities are likely to present themselves with all the other things on your bucket list, so you just have to identify them.