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Finding a new boss without upsetting your current boss just got easier

So, you’ve studied. You’ve graduated. You’ve secured a decent entry-level position with a credible employer. It’s time for the next step.

According to studies, the average person changes jobs 5-7 times in their lifetime – so it’s only sensible that you should expect to do the same. New online platform Hire My Friend aims to make these transitions less awkward to manage.

It’s always difficult leaving a job, be it on good terms or bad. One of the hardest things about seeking other opportunities while still employed is promoting yourself without your current employers noticing – which is where Hire My Friend goes to work. Once you’ve set up a profile, the platform allows you to anonymously seek the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Our eyes lit up too 🙂

Hire My Friend lets your friend's share your work experience.This new job search platform is great for two reasons:

    1. It encourages you to think about how you present yourself online. Recruiters and hiring managers will only have information on this profile to judge you on, so it has to be impressive – and accurate.


  1. Unlike registering with traditional recruitment agencies, contact is minimal and on your terms. Because the profiles are anonymous until you choose to respond to recruiter/hiring manager introductions, no pesky phone calls or streams of emails while you’re at work.

Setting up an account with Hire My Friend is pretty simple, but you need to have a Twitter account. As annoying as the link up with Twitter may be for those still not using the social networking platform, this is what makes it so easy for friends and colleagues to share your anonymous profile and recommend you for opportunities they come across. The job search site currently has a demo up on their homepage, give it a go.

IMPORTANT: Life is all about progression. NEVER feel guilty for wanting more out of your job.

Hire My Friend screenshots

Hire-My-Friend_demo Hire-My-Friend_demo-2