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Grammarly - Spellchecker, Dictionary and Thesaurus Designed For The Web

3 million users can’t be wrong, literally –

Spellcheckers for in-browser editing isn’t a new thing, but Grammarly seems pretty impressive. As well as a free browser plugin (currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari), Grammarly also operates a premium service – this is where it gets impressive.

Features of the premium Grammarly service (a monthly subscription) make it a great timesaving tool; spellchecker, grammar checker and plagiarism checker to name a few. Grammarly scans your text and produces an easy to understand report, highlighting any errors and suggested changes:

Grammarly report

If you don’t feel like committing to a monthly subscription, the free browser plugin will satisfy most day-to-day tasks: updating social media statuses, writing and editing blog posts, completing online applications.

How Grammarly works with your browser

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