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What’s the relevance of the course content for a BA or MA program to a typical corporate job? In most cases, absolutely zippo. What employers actually mean when they say, “BA required, MA preferred,” is that they want prospects with a certain set of skills, character traits, and attitudes. – Tim Ferriss, 2011

We hear this all the time. There are no jobs. I have applied everywhere you could possibly imagine. As I was told by a friend “If your friend loses a job, we’re in a recession. If you lose your job, then we’re in a depression”. The credit crunch and the recession have become the scapegoats for a lack of opportunity in the jobTim-Ferriss-4-hour-work-week market. To be fair, I empathise with many of you, as a jobhunter myself I seem to be having the same problem. However, I do not believe that the inability to secure work is purely down to the current economic climate. It may be, simply, that you’re looking in the wrong places or yet to perfect your approach.

According to Tim Ferriss, author of the acclaimed ‘4 Hour Week’, the formal job market advertises only 20% of all available jobs. A startling 80% of jobs areactually acquired through the informal job market. In other words, by way of networking or, as Tim puts it, pulling on one’s ‘social economy’. Some of the techniques he mentions in his post about breaking into the “informal job market” are exactly how some of us here at The Lecture Room got our first taste of pre and post-graduate employment.

Tim’s lifestyle blog, is definitely worth a browse if you’re serious about making the most of the relatively little you have on this planet. One of Tim’s latest posts [Sept. 2011] seems quite relevant at a time when not everyone can afford extended training and education, so might want to be the first one you check out: 8 Steps To Getting What You Want… Without Formal Credentials.

Similar to any other “to-do” advice, like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this kind of post requires positive action rather than superficial engagement.

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