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Not so bad habits to pick up today

A handy list of the five things high achieving individuals do on a daily basis.

  1. They know their planned outcome for the day
    Plan your day, your time, and the tasks you will accomplish each day. “Create your future based on your daily actions.”
  2. They get up early
    Getting up early means you stay ahead of the competition (early bird catches the worm etc.) and allows for uninterrupted hours of productivity.
  3. They ignore noise
    Facebook, Whatsapp messsages, people with negative words – ALL NOISE.
  4. They make other people better
    Use your talents to help someone else achieve and improve their life. Give back!
  5. They are precise in their ways
    Whether you’re setting personal goals or asking someone for something, be clear and concise in what you want. Do not use words/phrases that allow for your end goal to be lost in translation.

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