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Find out about careers and job opportunities in the Digital sector with videos by Bubble Jobs

Bubble Jobs claims to provide “the best digital and social media job listings” in the UK. I’m tempted to buy into this. Unlike some other popular jobs boards and recruitment companies, Bubble Jobs do well to balance their listings; catering for the experienced and entry level candidates alike. But it’s their useful, short videos that really make them stand out:

If you’re new to the world of digital,  check out BubbleJobs TV on YouTube to watch the agency’s latest advice and tips videos. The videos aren’t too long – so pretty easy to watch a few during study breaks or while on lunch, but they provide you with enough info to help you understand what all these new jobs and titles actually mean.

Following Bubble Jobs Twitter account is also advisable if you’re currently looking for jobs in digital, job postings pop up regularly throughout the day.