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If you’re not blogging, are you’re missing out?

Blogging is by no means a guaranteed route to full-time employment. Yes, it has worked for some (it worked for me), but it is far from a quick win. To do it well requires time, time, and more time – you get out what you put in.

With hiring managers quick to take to the search engines to find out more about potential candidates, blogging is definitely a powerful tool for increasing your presence online. But in the same vein, it can be a dangerous platform if you don’t know what you can and can’t say.

Quick tips for starting a blog

Regardless of your subject matter, a blog will always offer visitors a snapshot of your personality – through its design, your choice of words and the way you interact with your audience. So, my advise is:

  1. Make sure your clear about the purpose of your blog; identify your audience.
  2. Recognise the implications of your blog content; think about how your words will affect your job and career prospects.
  3. Keep it up to date! If you want people to come back and for search engines to list your blog in search results, block out time in your calendar to add new content.