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The game of poker is highly popular all over the world. It revolves around skills and tensed decision-making, bluffing and taking risks. On short, adrenaline-pumping action, especially if a life-changing pot is involved. So there is no wonder that a great number of wolves on Wall Street and many Silicon Valley IT and math specialists are trying their luck and putting their mind to work every time they get the chance. The Valley is a competitive environment to say the least, which makes it the perfect pot for poker enthusiasts. And there are plenty of top SV entrepreneurs who have developed a genuine passion for the game. How do we know that? Because they are having their own poker nights each month!


Business Success = Successful Poker Play  

Ladbrokes poker sites

Here are a few examples of top Silicon Valley businesspersons who are also famous for their passion for the game of poker.   

  • Chamath Palihapitiya is a well-known social and capital founder, but he is also one of the biggest poker players in the Metro Silicon Valley area. How big? He has attended the World Series of Poker and finished 101th out of 7,000 participants in 2011! For those of you who know a thing or two about poker, we are sure this information is self-explanatory right there. He hosts poker nights right in his Palo Alto home every month and he is known to hand out invitations to important tech entrepreneurs who are equally excited by the game. Since the majority of professional poker players spend many hours a day practicing their skills online, we are more than certain these SV players also appreciate the Ladbrokes poker sites and other large platforms offering 24/7 poker play for huge jackpot prizes.
  • The Ladbrokes brand seems to fit like a glove for these rich investors who are looking for fun ways of staying entertained while also potentially rounding their million-dollar estates. The Poker site hosted by the Ladbrokes giant in the world of online gaming and gambling can do just that for them. With a 200% welcome bonus worth up to 1,200, progressive jackpots reaching 5 figures and constant promos depositing players can attend for free for weekly depositors freeroll prize worth €1,250 per week or the monthly €100,000 freeroll giveaway with the Freeroll Series, this place is definitely the “it” place for high rollers. But the small buy-ins encourage players of all levels of experience to try their luck and prove their skills nonstop. The mobile poker app now gives busy entrepreneurs even more freedom of movement when playing.     
  • David Sacks is the founder of Yammer and he is also one of the participants of the World Series of Poker. While he stated he does not believe in hobbies during a past interview, he did say he likes to play poker. He is known to play with professional poker player Phil Hellmuth.
  • Jason Calacanis is the founder of and he declared that he is “absolutely addicted” to poker. He was sponsored by GullTiltPoker during his WSOP participation.