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Original article by J. Maureen Henderson, for – 15/03/2013
Student with laptop
“For many young workers,┬áthe idea of finding a benevolent professional patron is out of the question. That said, there are still ways to glean valuable knowledge, attention and insight even when you lack direct access to power players”

Finding a mentor is no easy task, and nor should it be. If you’re looking for someone to provide you with the right knowledge and opportunities for career progression, it’s only right that you should have to put in some work.

While on the surface it can appear that you just don’t have the right connections and don’t move in the right circles to be able to secure yourself the ideal mentor/career guru, there are things you can do to improve this. Henderson’s article for lists three things to focus on:

  1. Get clear on your expectations

  2. Prioritize replies over relationships

  3. Go where the mentors are

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