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Graduation speech: ABCs of Life

June 2, 20150 Comments

University graduate delivers powerful graduation speech and makes the alphabet awesome

Kanye West interview with Zane Lowe is a MUST WATCH

February 26, 20150 Comments

Celebrity interviews rarely get my attention. But this interview. THIS KANYE WEST INTERVIEW – it’s worth watching.

Kanye provides great insight on having to deal with people not believing in your abilities and having to continuously work to prove your worth.

Tips To Keep Your Expensive Clothes Safe

January 25, 20150 Comments

So you are the kind of person who permanently uses specialized cleaning services for his expensive clothes; and you also tend to travel a lot. Today we thought we should share a few safe traveling tips to help you make sure you will not be separated from your beloved items.

How Safe Are Your Clothes When Flying An Airplane?

If you are concerned about you belonging every time you get on a plane as you never know when you might get separated from your things, whether for a brief moment in time or permanently, here is what you should do.

  • Start by not being suspicious and paranoid for the entire trip. While official cases of TSA employees have been reported after they have been caught running robbery rings and even enabling illegal substance trading, and there are even known cases of security agents robbing travelers, it does not mean that it happens always, all the time and that it will also happen to you.

  • Trust the people around you and give them the benefit of a doubt, but at the same time do not turn into an easy prey. There are plenty of honest and hard-working people working in airports and on airplanes. But you will still need to take precaution measures to guard yourself against thieves and mal-intended people who might be traveling on the same plane with you.

  • The best thieves are the ones who know not to steal something that you will immediately notice missing. Let's say, expensive pieces of clothing you will only be unpacking and using when you will actually reach the hotel. Speaking of, when reaching your hotel room, it would not hurt to take a few extra security measures as well. Namely, verify the state of the locks on your room and see if there are any problems with them. If so, get in touch with the front desk personnel and report it.

  • They should be able to immediately get in touch with a local emergency locksmith like the ones found here and have the broken locks repaired on the spot.

Packing: Put The Your Important Stuff In One Place

Do that and do not lose track of it; use a clear plastic bag to place your IDs, wallet, cash, and jewelry and let everyone see your bag. This way, everyone will know what is in there, and they will not feel tempted to open it. This practice will also help you when going on the other side of the security machines inside the airport, as you will immediately notice if you have anything missing.

You can also state out loud the items you are handing over to the security person so that they are less likely to try to grab something when no one is watching. Also keep in mind you should have your ID and wallet on you at all times so in case your stuff gets stolen, you can easily replace your clothes and the rest of your belongings, and hence have a means of doing it.

Personal financial budget: how to improve yours

December 15, 20140 Comments

Money seems to never be enough today. More exigencies and needs require more money and often times families with kids can’t always afford anything they need.

Even young students might feel often in need of more money and part time jobs can’t always be enough. Moreover, the financial crisis today makes things harder when it comes to find an extra job.

The top solution to improve your budget regardless of how much money you have in it.

Top ways to save money and improve your budget

First off, you have to focus on what you own. Few or much, your goal is to use the best ways your money. try to give up not necessary things in your life, such as entertainment or other futile things: this will allow you to save some money each month.

Another important tip: try to be punctual when saving money. Decide a monthly plan of savings and try to meet all deadlines you gave yourself.   Saving money

Some people who feel comfortable with the use of online resources decide to open their personal blog to make some extra money in a pleasant way – personal blogs usually deal with themes and topics administrators like to wrote about.

Time: an important factor

When saving money you have to consider a longer term of time. Consider the whole year, not just the month and plan a long term saving program. Time yourself and see how long time you might need in order to reach the budget size you want.

Improve your savings by “parking” a few small investments. For online traders, investing in the financial markets is easy thanks to the binary options. These options are a top tool for traders in order to access financial markets and make money from their “anticipations” of future situations in a given market.

For example, if you decided to work in the Shares market, you might have to “anticipate” the direction of an X firm’s shares within a given expiring time.

These types of options are based on short term investments that can make you earn money.

Anna ‘s professional experience

Trading online can be a resolute way to improve a financial budget, not only for personal use but also for firm and business purposes. Binary options with Optionrally can be a helpful and effective tool to make some money. with trading you don’t have to spend long hours: you simply have to be skilled and guess the right anticipation.

Anna Patrovsky Optionrally ‘s experience teaches us about how easy trading online can be: all begins with joining the free Education center offered by the Optionrally’s team of expert traders and senior instructors to all new beginners.

No fees will be charged on anyone: just use free materials and free ebooks and e-learning tools in order to learn about finance, marketing strategies and the best ways to get the most from each single binary option.

This is the professional path Anna and many other traders experienced and which led them to successful career’s opportunities.

Geek. Nerd. Intellectual badass

December 7, 20140 Comments

nerd with glasses

Electronic tattoos: what you do online could last forever

December 5, 20140 Comments

TED Talk with Juan Enriquez makes you think about what you do online

Rereading a post from back in 2013 – 5 ways to manage your online presence – and coming across a few more from the latter part of this year, I realised the worry about our online profiles never seems to go away! Mainly because people just don’t seem to get it.

Everyone loves a TED video, so maybe people will pay attention this time. Watch Juan Enriquez talk about “electronic tattoos”.

Want to be successful? Be yourself and be nice

December 2, 20140 Comments

smiley faces drawn on fingersGood manners can go a long way

For all the preparation that goes into a successful interview, first day at work, first date (all firsts really), there are two very basic things to remember:

  1. be yourself
  2. be nice

They’re pretty easy to remember but also too easily forgotten. To be honest, I’d forgotten about them – because they’re now second-nature :-) – until I saw these great tweets from Social Media Strategist Emily Thomas:


Steve Jobs success story infographic

November 28, 20140 Comments

The road to success is rarely a straight one. But you must keep going

There are a lot of twists and turns along the way before your company is valued at $700 BILLION. While far from being an autobiography, this infographic does a great job of breaking down the many stages in Steve Jobs’ eventful life.

Steve jobs success story infographic Continue Reading »

T.M.Lewin Black Friday sale

November 28, 20140 Comments

Get ready for Christmas party season with T.M.Lewin’s weekend promo

tm lewin man in blue suitBlack Friday sale at T.M.Lewin, ladies and gents! Get ready for the Christmas office party or get a head start on your wardrobe for January (you can never have too many white shirts).

T.M.Lewin are offering 12 per cent off everything over the weekend. Menswear? Yep. Womenswear? Yep. The sale kicks off this Friday, 28 November – and ends Monday 1st December.

Tick a few names off your Christmas shopping list while you’re at it too, with their Christmas gift ideas.

Use code CYBER12 when checking out online to get your discount.

Shop T.M.Lewin today

10 Quotes on why you should take breaks, relax and play

November 27, 20140 Comments

Quotes from Maya Angelou to Roald Dahl – all in the name of relaxation

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