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Graduation speech: ABCs of Life

June 2, 20150 Comments

University graduate delivers powerful graduation speech and makes the alphabet awesome

Kanye West interview with Zane Lowe is a MUST WATCH

February 26, 20150 Comments

Celebrity interviews rarely get my attention. But this interview. THIS KANYE WEST INTERVIEW – it’s worth watching.

Kanye provides great insight on having to deal with people not believing in your abilities and having to continuously work to prove your worth.

Geek. Nerd. Intellectual badass

December 7, 20140 Comments

nerd with glasses

Electronic tattoos: what you do online could last forever

December 5, 20140 Comments

TED Talk with Juan Enriquez makes you think about what you do online

Rereading a post from back in 2013 – 5 ways to manage your online presence – and coming across a few more from the latter part of this year, I realised the worry about our online profiles never seems to go away! Mainly because people just don’t seem to get it.

Everyone loves a TED video, so maybe people will pay attention this time. Watch Juan Enriquez talk about “electronic tattoos”.

Want to be successful? Be yourself and be nice

December 2, 20140 Comments

smiley faces drawn on fingersGood manners can go a long way

For all the preparation that goes into a successful interview, first day at work, first date (all firsts really), there are two very basic things to remember:

  1. be yourself
  2. be nice

They’re pretty easy to remember but also too easily forgotten. To be honest, I’d forgotten about them – because they’re now second-nature :-) – until I saw these great tweets from Social Media Strategist Emily Thomas:


Steve Jobs success story infographic

November 28, 20140 Comments

The road to success is rarely a straight one. But you must keep going

There are a lot of twists and turns along the way before your company is valued at $700 BILLION. While far from being an autobiography, this infographic does a great job of breaking down the many stages in Steve Jobs’ eventful life.

Steve jobs success story infographic Continue Reading »

T.M.Lewin Black Friday sale

November 28, 20140 Comments

Get ready for Christmas party season with T.M.Lewin’s weekend promo

tm lewin man in blue suitBlack Friday sale at T.M.Lewin, ladies and gents! Get ready for the Christmas office party or get a head start on your wardrobe for January (you can never have too many white shirts).

T.M.Lewin are offering 12 per cent off everything over the weekend. Menswear? Yep. Womenswear? Yep. The sale kicks off this Friday, 28 November – and ends Monday 1st December.

Tick a few names off your Christmas shopping list while you’re at it too, with their Christmas gift ideas.

Use code CYBER12 when checking out online to get your discount.

Shop T.M.Lewin today

10 Quotes on why you should take breaks, relax and play

November 27, 20140 Comments

Quotes from Maya Angelou to Roald Dahl – all in the name of relaxation

Giant Birdsnest for humans the ultimate study spot

November 12, 20140 Comments

Dear Accommodation Services,

Every student needs one of these within easy distance of their living quarters.


Image credit: Colossal

Hump day motivation: Do great little things

November 12, 20140 Comments

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