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There’s a science to job searching

October 28, 20140 Comments

The Science of Successful Job Hunting is a complete guide for navigating today’s jobs market

Buy The Science of Successful Job Hunting on

Looking for a job is tough! Graduate jobs, student jobs, already in the market – you’re going to have to fight for what you want. And I think I’ve found something to give you a bit of an advantage.

The Science of Successful Job Hunting is the latest book from Mildred Talabi, award-winning Continue Reading »

How recruiters look at your CV

October 23, 20140 Comments

You’ve got 6 seconds to impress an employer with your CV

The internet has made people less patient (FACT). Which sucks if you’re applying for a job 200 others have also applied for.

You’ve only got 6 seconds to impress once your CV lands on a recruiter’s desk. Here’s how you do it:

Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more sleep

September 25, 20140 Comments

More sleep the key to success

You read right. So back to bed after you’ve watched this :-)

Procrastinators: Don’t waste today

September 5, 20140 Comments

Find out what type of procrastinator you are and how to stop it!

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s OK to waste away certain days of the week – Wednesdays and Fridays are the usual victims.

EVERY day of the week is an opportunity do to something worthwhile. Follow these steps from to avoid the slippery slope of procrastination.

field guide to procrastinators

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Crash and learn

August 31, 20140 Comments

An important life lesson in less than 3 minutes

In this short video, Aleksander Aurdal, a Norwegian freestyle skier demonstrates that in order to succeed we sometimes need to fail.

Internships in London: a handy guide

August 28, 20140 Comments

Internships in London, white on pink background

We LOVE Inspiring Interns for creating this handy guide to internships in London. The nation’s capital can be a scary place sometimes – especially when looking for a job, so thank you Inspiring Interns.

The guide offers up a list of resources available to help you with your search. Some are free, some you have to pay for. Inspiring Interns have covered off the most popular job sectors, including Marketing, Digital and Fashion. There’s even a section on the advantages of learning a second language – sure the team at will be happy about that :-)Inspiring Interns logo

View the guide here: Guide to internships in London


Happy internship hunting!

Biggest CV mistakes

July 29, 20140 Comments

Create the perfect CV by avoiding these mistakes

Infographic - CV Crimes[Source Giraffe CVs]

Google introduces ‘search removal request’ after EU ruling

May 30, 20140 Comments

Remove your embarrassing bits from Google search results with their new search removal request form

Google logo - padlockYou can now ask Google to “block” search results you don’t want people to see! Great news if you have a questionable online history ;)

The form you need to complete is here: Google search removal request

Details of the ruling that lead to the introduction of this new privacy tool:

14 Student recipe cards

May 26, 20143 Comments

Leaving home for the first time is scary – especially when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from

Leaving home for university can be a bit of a step into the unknown for a lot of students – especially when it comes to cooking. To make things a little easier Walton Robinson have created these free, simple to follow recipe cards that can be downloaded and used at home.

Student recipes infographic by Walton Robinson Continue Reading »

Summer exams: revision in the park

May 18, 20140 Comments

When the sun comes out to play, so do we

It’s OK to take a break from revision – especially if the sun comes out! But not too many breaks. Compromise? When the sun makes an appearance near you, grab your notepad and highlighters – and a red cup – and hit the nearest park :-)

Adidas hi-top and red cup

Balance revision with relaxation at the park.

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